Your Local Soft Cloth Car Wash in Hackensack, NJ

Getting a quick, deep cleaning doesn’t have to mean risking damage. At Spotlessautolaundries, we use the best equipment and solutions to effectively and safely maintain the appearance of your automobile. Our soft cloth car wash in Hackensack, NJ, combines a high-pressure system with gentle materials to clean and protect today’s delicate clear coat finishes.

 When you drive through our soft cloth car wash tunnel, you are experiencing the industry’s latest equipment and the finest soaps and waxes available. We have always taken great pride in providing our customers with exceptional products and service; we look forward to demonstrating to you why so many local drivers choose us. Visit today and leave spotless!

Everything Your Vehicle Needs


We are not just a car wash—we are a comprehensive auto service center offering Quick Lube, Oil Change, Soft Cloth Wash, Self-Service Wash, and Touchless Car Wash services. Plus, for your convenience, our Self-Serv Bays and Touchless Automatic Car Wash are available 24/7.

 Coupons for our Car Wash, Oil Change, and Detailing services can be found here on our site. Be sure to check out our new Unlimited Car Wash Pass program to get the best possible deal. We also invite you to ask about our special discounts on mechanical work at our Quick Lube station.